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Watchdog Security Wall Pet Door Cover for XX Large Flap - Right

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Watchdog Security Wall Pet Door Cover for Extra Large Flap - Open Right

Watch Dog Security Pet Doors has developed the answer. Beginning with 12 gauge steel, Watchdog builds a frame with cover and a combination lock to fit on the outside of your house. When you want the dog to have access, you leave the Watch Dog Security Pet Door Locking Cover open. When you want security, you close the steel door and engage the combination lock. Bingo! The pet door is no longer an easy way to break into your house.

Here are some key points 

  • The combination lock is set by you to a unique security code. Don't forget it! There's no way to unlock this steel cover over your pet door without that code. 

  • There is a special version with special bolting hardware for installation on a door and another version for installation on a wall. The Watchdog Security Pet Door Locking Cover is securely fastened with heavy hardware designed for door or wall use. 

  • The color available is white and the finish is a durable powder coating. 

  • When you want your pet to have access, you leave this security door open. You have a choice of opening directions. 'Left' means that the hinges are on the left when outside looking at the security door. 'Right' means that the hinges are on the right side. However, this neat design allows you to lift the steel cover off it's hinges when the door is open so you can set it aside. When the door is closed, the cover hinges are locked in place by the steel frame.

You might first think that this product should be mounted on the inside of the house and it can particularly for a door installation.

However, the manufacturer recommends that it be securely bolted to the outside of your door or wall for a couple of reasons 

  • Mounted outside, the potential intruder is immediately confronted with a steel barrier and doesn't even get started. Those bolts, by the way, can't be removed from the outside. 

  • The outside of a wall is typically much stronger than the drywall interior side. It's better to have something sturdy to bolt into. Of course, if you can hit the studs from the inside that's going to be sturdy as well. 

  • Because of the typical locking cover on the inside of the pet door, more clearance is needed for the steel door. There may not be enough room for an inside install. 


Plan on mounting on the outside if a wall installation and either side for a solid-core door provided you have clearance for the pet door locking cover on the inside install choice.

For vacation homes and long vacations this solution can't be beat. For daily use on a wall or door, you've got to go outside to lock it. Whether that's worth it is up to you. For some, the peace of mind is going to make the difference.

What Size Shall I Purchase?

The manufacturer has provided a size chart showing which currently-produced pet doors fit each of the Watchdog Security cover sizes. We suggest you identify the pet door you have and see if it is on this chart. Most pet doors purchased in the USA are.

Do I have to Have my Own Pet Door?

Yes you do! Even though some images show a pet door with the Watchdog Security that's only for illustrative purposes. They assume you've got the pet door already.

Of course, you may purchase a pet door and a Watchdog Security Cover on this web site both at the same time.


"XX-Large" - Interior Flap of 16 X 26 with an Exterior Frame of 20 1/2 X 30 and 1/2" Depth
Manufactor Flap Size Flap Dimension Outside Frame Dimension
Endura Flap Extra Large "12" X 23" "15-5/8" X 28"
PetSafe Freedom Extra Large "14-7/16" X 25-1/8" "16-3/8" X 27-1/4"
PetSafe Plastic & Extreme Extra Large "15-1/8" X 26-13/16" "16-1/8" X 27-1/2"
PetSafe Ultimate Extra Large "13" X 18-3/4" "18-3/4" X 23-3/8"
PetSafe Classic Extra Large "13-3/8" X 23" "16-1/4" X 27-1/4"
Pride Extra Large "14-1/2" X 19-1/2" "18-3/4" X 22-3/4"
Ideal Original Super Large "15" X 20" "18" X 24"
Plexidor Large "11-3/4" X 16" "16-1/2" X 19-1/4"
Pet-Corp Extra Large "14-1/8" X 23-5/8" "17-1/2" X 27-1/2"
Hale Extra Large "14" X 19-1/2" "17-1/16" X 22-9/16"
Hale Extra Large + "14" X 23-1/2" "17-1/6" X 26-9/16"