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Click N Roll Dog Seat Belt

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Click N Roll Dog Seat Belt

Click N Roll  Automatic retractable dog seat belt system.

This automatic dog seatbelt system, designed to work with a safety harness, offers optimum comfort and protection in a handy compact size.

Simply snap the Click N Roll into the seat belt buckle of the vehicle. The extra strong metal clip and swivel anchors the safety harness (not included) in seconds, yet the 27.5" retractable belt allows your dog enough freedom of movement to stretch out and rest comfortably on long trips.

In the case of a sudden jerk from an impact or collision, the mechanism in the Click N Roll will lock, limiting the movement of your dog, just like an automobile seat belt.

The polyester belt is 1.85" wide and .05" thick, and is extremely durable. It can withstand a tensile load of 5000N (1,100 lbs.).

  • Durable, Retractable Seat Belt Withstands 1,100 lbs Tensile Load
  • Connects to Seat Belt Buckle Rather than Seat Belt Strap for Greater Stability
  • High Strength Metal Clip & Swivel Connects Easily to a Safety Harness
  • Solid Metal Closures and Mechanical Parts
  • Easy to Clean Heavy-Duty Black Plastic Cover
  • Optimum Comfort and Protection in a Handy Compact Size
  • Ideal for Use with a Safety Harness - (not included)