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MIM Dog Runner

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Dog Runner – Safety Tested and Approved Device Allows Bicycle Riding With a Dog.

Riding your bike and exercising your dog at the same time can be tricky. The benefits of fun and fitness are offset by the potential dangers of having your dog on a leash while cycling. However, with the Dog Runner, balance is no longer a problem.

Dog Runner allows you to exercise and enjoy the outdoors with your dog while keeping your hands free for steering your bicycle.

The leash of the Dog Runner is attached to a specially designed post, which is then connected to a low-mounted steel spring. This design maintains a safe distance between your dog and your bicycle preventing the dog from running away or getting caught between the wheels. The low center of gravity prevents your dog from pulling or pushing you off balance.

The tube that holds the spring is attached to the mounting kit and is secured with a secure quick release. The holder can be mounted on either side of the bicycle.

  • The World’s ONLY Safety Tested and Approved Bicycle Dog Runner
  • Low Center of Gravity Prevents Dog From Pulling Rider Off Balance
  • Maintains Safe Distance Between Dog and Bicycle
  • Keeps Both Hands Free for Steering and Protects Rider From Dangerous Falls
  • Quality Engineering, Design and Construction
  • Ideally Suited for a Dog that is Not Well Trained
  • Securely Attaches Directly to Down Tube of Bicycle
  • Easily Removed with Secure Quick Release
  • Fits Round Tube Frame 0.9 – 1.4″ in Diameter
  • Recommended for Use with Dog’s having a Shoulder Height or 14″ or More
  • TÜV Tested – Quality German Engineering, Design and Construction

NOTE: This works with most bicycles and is ideally used with a dog that is not well trained. If your dog is not accustomed to running next to the bike, you should not overdo it in the beginning. Allow your dog to determine the speed and duration of the trip. Please be aware that running on asphalt will strain your dog’s paws. Be considerate to other road users, especially pedestrians.

Not Recommended for Small Dogs.