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Groomers Helper 3/4ʺ Side Arms & Clamp Set

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Groomers Helper 3/4ʺ Side Arms & Clamp Set

This grooming arm and clamp set is necessary to accomplish the advanced positioning techniques that the Groomers Helper® has to offer.

These include the Tri-Tie, the cat cross-tie, the no-sit features and also for grooming the pet's head away from the grooming arm.

PLEASE NOTE: This pet grooming arm and clamp set will accomodate most pets, but if you regularly groom large pets, please consider our Extension Arms or Heavy Duty "No-Sit" Arm & Clamp Set. Call 1-866-987-2426 if you have any questions.

- 2 Chrome-plated steel "Straight" Arms (3/4" x 24")
- 2 3/4" Cast Aluminum Clamps, will fit upto 1 1/4" Table Thickness

* PLEASE NOTE: Owners of Non-standard sized tables (Edemco, PetEdge or Homemade tables) where the edge that the clamp hooks on is 2-3" thick will need to upgrade to the larger clamp. Please mark the appropriate item below. If not you will receive the standard clamp which will fit a maximum width of 1 1/4".