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What Size Variocage Should I Choose For My Dog?

The MIM Variocage is top notch when it comes to crash tested travel crates, but you already know that. The tricky part is figuring out what size makes sense for your dog. 

How to Know What Size Variocage Makes Sense For Your Dog

The first thing you need to measure is the length of the dog. You do that by measuring your dog from the tip of his/her nose all the way to its rump. You don't count the tail.

You then add 3 inches to the measurement. That's your length.

Now you have to properly measure your dog's height. For this you have to measure your dog from the floor to the highest spot on the back of his shoulders.

Then you add 3 inches to that measurement and you have the height.

Here's an image to illustrate:



Once you have those measurements, you simply compare it to the different dimensions that the variocage offers and match it with the right one.

Here is an illustration of all of the different variocage dimensions:


That's it. Hopefully you enjoy your new variocage!

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